Kids are funny

My friend Eric sent me this. I can remember threatening to run away and throwing some things into a duffel bag, but I’m not sure if I wrote a note.

kids are funny

Did you ever threaten to run away? Do you remember the reason? Make us all laugh in the Comments section below.




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    This isn’t a running away story, sorry. But I was tired of the lies and inconsistencies of Santa Claus. I wrote a letter to Santa citing my issues and concerns. I thought he might be real, but I needed proof and requested he sign by the X at the bottom of the page. Unbeknownst to him I would compare his handwriting to other adults in my home. The next morning he wrote in red crayon that said he was sad I was doubting his existence and threatened to stop visiting my home and refused to sign by the X. Sucker didn’t know I had already trapped him! His handwriting was all I needed.