If you ever date more than one blond girl

blond girlIf you ever date more than one girl with blond hair and blue eyes, even several years apart, be sure not to call the one named Brittany Lindsay. Twice.

“Who’s Lindsay?”

It’s hard to salvage an enjoyable date from the awkward apology and flimsy explanation that follow. Just go ahead and take Brittany or Lindsay or whoever she is home.

Have you ever called your date by the wrong name or made a similar blunder?

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    I have never done this, but when I first started dating my husband my Nanny could not get his name right. She would even just call him “that boy” when she asked my parents about him. The funniest: she called him Hank (I don’t even know anyone named hank); most awkward: an actual ex-boyfriend’s name.
    He said as long as I got his name right at the altar, all was good.

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    You can always count on a grandparent to make things awkward. My grandma always referred to my girlfriend of the moment as “your friend.” Of course, if she said that in front of the girl, what could the girl think but “Has Austin been telling his family that we’re just friends?” I tried to explain to my grandma a couple of times. “So you’re going steady?” she asked.


    I told my other grandmother that I was going out with a particular girl, and she said, “Where are you going?”

    Dating is a relatively new concept. I’m thankful for all the painful situations that it creates. What would I write about?

    I’m glad things worked out for you and Hank.